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PJS Total Flight Management

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PJS UNDERSTANDS THAT LIFE IS A BALANCE. A BALANCE BETWEEN THE REWARDS AND EXPERIENCES OF BUSINESS AND THE REWARDS OF ENJOYING FAMILY EXPERIENCES AT HOME OR WHILE ON VAC ATIO N .Private Jet Services Group (PJS) provides a hassle free, safe, flexible private aviation experience for principals to travel with family and friends, because life is short and life is precious. We also understand the last thing anyone needs is one more ounce, one more gram, one more quark of hassle, inconvenience, or stress. For both personal and business use, private aviation should be as easy as your next breath of air.

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Private Jet Services (PJS) specializes in mission-critical travel that requires a level of sophistication, service, and quality that is rarely found in the private aviation market. Whether you require daily movements of hundreds of employees from multiple points-of-origin, or a single movement of a high-value team, we know how to make each trip a success.WE ENSURE YOU REACH YOUR DESTINATION ON-TIME, EVERY TIME, AND SAFELY. IN OUR HIGH TECH WORLD TODAY, WE U NDERSTAN D THAT SUCCESS IS THE SUM OF MANY FAST MOVING PARTS. THAT IS WHY PJS PROVIDES THE UTMOST FLEXIBILITY ALLOWING YOU TO MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME.3

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At PJS, we optimize for optionality. Whether on a roadshow, overseas, or a vacation to Yellowstone, PJS prepares multiple options, and proactively prepares for the unknown. This may mean having additional crew on the ready so you can quickly pivot from one meeting to another, or maintaining an aircraft on-hand in flight ready status should vacation end abruptly due to an urgent office matter. to the office quickly. PJS maintains flexibility so you can hear, “Yes, we’ve got you covered.”PJS understands that information security and privacy are critical to high net-worth individuals and their businesses. Technology, such as ADS-B and FlightAware, allow for the general public to monitor and track aircraft (tail numbers). PJS will rotate aircraft to protect principals from someone understanding their business or personal movements. In the specific instance of a business transaction for a large multinational corporation, this kept the general public and competition unaware of the courtship and ultimate acquisition of a large target.PJS offers our Total Flight Management (TFM) program which boasts no commitment, no fees of any kind (monthly or other recurring), and no minimum usage. The TFM program also offers you a powerful way to leverage employee labor-hours at all levels of the organization.The PJS Total Flight Management program provides principals and their teams:OPTIONALITYINFORMATION SECURITY & PRIVACY

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Protection is paramount. Having worked with current and former members of the FBI, Secret Service, State Department, and a variety of other agencies, PJS Operations are embedded within the teams of our principals. We work closely and in conjunction with the EP (executive protection) team to ensure physical safety and security. PJS senior management has spent years sharing expertise on the GBTA Risk Committee, and all PJS operations are comfortable working with OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council). Certain security plans include sweeps of aircraft, including for ECM’s (Electronic CounterMeasures - video or audio recording equipment) to ensure the privacy and security of principals.At PJS, safety comes first. Always. It is at the core of our decision-making on every level. Our team of industry veterans and dedicated Director of Safety manage PJS standards for due diligence with stringent safety mechanisms that require an absolute commitment to detail. We know by proactively discerning the best available carriers and pilots, we provide safer and more consistent travel experiences for our clients.Every carrier, every aircraft, every pilot, every flight, every contingency; by proactively focusing on the details, we minimize the risk of the unexpected.SECURITYSAFETY5

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Private Jet Services Group (PJS) is North America’s leading aviation consultancy and air services provider. Since 2003, PJS has provided strategic aircraft advisory and sourcing solutions, delivering mission-critical air transportation services to an extensive range of industries. Global clientele includes government agencies, presidential candidates, professional and collegiate sports teams, multinational corporations, and some of the world’s most recognizable entrepreneurs, entertainers, and high net worth individuals. Leveraging a combined 300+ years of aviation expertise, a deep passion for aviation and an obsessive attention to detail, the PJS team delivers a level of expertise and safety unmatched in the industry. PJS is America’s first 100% carbon neutral private aviation company. To learn more, visit includes their safety and the crew’s safety but it also includes the critical aspects of privacy, security, and trust. Executives and principals require a travel solution that minimizes their travel time and maximizes their efficiency. PJS recognizes that the cost of failure far exceeds the cost of the transportation. ABOUT PRIVATE JET SERVICESTHE NEEDS OF OUR CLIENTS ARE FIRST AND FOREMOST, OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY

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PJS0920Private Jet Services (PJS) acts as an agent for its clients in negotiating and facilitating transportation with duly licensed Direct Air Carriers. PJS is an agent for Elevate Jet, LLC (FAA# 3LJA9830), Air Chathams Limited (CAA# AOC26883) and SWIFT AIR LLC d/b/a iAero (FAA# I5EA212N). PJS is not a Direct Air Carrier and does not operate aircraft.+1 (603) 760 0500 •