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CONTENTS Letter from the CEO 5 About PJS 6 Who Flies PJS 9 Experience 11 Safety 21 Exceptional Service 27 Capabilities 33 Benefits 37 Aircraft Choices 41

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PJS mission is to deliver a level of service unmatched in the transportation industry We accomplish this through our passion for aviation proactive approach bespoke product offerings intuitive flight experience and obsessive attention to detail For fifteen years PJS has been dedicated to facilitating group charter flights resulting in superior planning and execution of movements of all sizes By engaging our firm with top tier incentive and customer appreciation events PJS clients deliver a once in a lifetime experience while remaining within the existing budget Invited guests enjoy more time at the resort and less time in congested airport terminals by boarding and disembarking in just minutes through private aviation terminals FBOs Key executives appreciate delivering their most valued employees and guests back to their homes rested rather than jet lagged and exhausted from uncomfortable travel Most importantly for every flight undertaken PJS plans both a Plan B as well as a Plan C so as to minimize unforeseen impacts to our guests Risk Management and Safety are key concerns for every organization Our in house safety team reviews and approves all aircraft flight crew and FBOs to ensure they exceed PJS s flight specific requirements Travel Planners can leave the details to us allowing them to focus on the event rather than the transportation PJS understands that the success of our clients business is non negotiable We specialize in mission critical projects that require a level of sophistication service and reliability rarely found in the airline industry Best regards Greg Raiff CEO 5

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Largest Corporate Aviation Consultancy in North America Privately held debt free company Consistent ownership management for 15 years Core Markets Corporate Travel Manufacturing Government Professional Sports Collegiate Sports Live Entertainment Touring Energy Pharmaceuticals Notable Clientele Arianespace National Aeronautics and Space Administration Rolls Royce Deutschland LTD Profitable operations for 15 consecutive years Fiscally responsible stable business history as confirmed by 10 years of audited financial statements

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PJS EXISTS TO SOLVE AIR TRAVEL LOGISTICS WITH DEDICATION PASSION The global aviation marketplace is filled with various options and solutions Private Jet Services PJS offers a unique consultancy approach using over fifteen years of experience to chart individualized solutions for each client PJS maximizes the full value of proper travel planning by determining the most meaningful metrics for each organization and identifying opportunities in the market to challenge suppliers and aggregate purchasing power The PJS method consistently delivers choice value and peace of mind for a wide range of scenarios

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WHO FLIES PJS Private Jet Services has a vast client base that stretches throughout the sports entertainment corporate and government industries Since its founding in 2003 PJS has supported recording artists such as U2 Lady Gaga The Rolling Stones Maroon 5 Beyonc Guns N Roses and Fleetwood Mac along with multiple professional and NCAA athletic teams Together our clients have won an impressive number of awards and trophies demonstrating that only the best fly with PJS Our clients in the music entertainment industry have won Our sports team clients are champions in their respective disciplines These teams have won 74 108 153 16 5 5 115 American Music Awards Billboard Music Awards Grammy Awards Country Music Awards Golden Globes Awards Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees MTV VMAs 51 28 20 21 25 24 20 Stanley Cup Championships World Series Championships NCAA Baseball Championships NCAA Basketball Championships NCAA Hockey Championships NCAA Football Championships MLS Cup Championships

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EXPERIENCE Largest FAR 121 charter solutions provider in PJS provides meeting corporate shuttle and North America facilitating worldwide mission incentive travel solutions for a global clientele critical operations including some of the world s largest concerns in Fifteen years of creating managing air programs for premier resorts and hotels including Four Seasons Rosewood Banyan Tree Aman Resorts Ritz Carlton Flying nearly 5 000 flight segments and 90 000 passengers per year Experienced team accustomed to handling large complex movements Global firm with worldwide reach Headquartered in Pharmaceuticals Life Sciences Insurance Financial Services Consumer Goods Automotive Industrial Energy Mining Other Fortune 500 corporations Boston with offices in San Francisco and London 15 years with a flawless safety record OTHER CLIENTS INCLUDE The US Government NASA 2016 Presidential Candidates former U S Presidents Professional sports teams Major music tours 13

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CASE STUDY 1 THE CHALLENGE Manage all logistics and transport of 1 600 passengers from Boston to San Diego for a meeting on the same day with just a 2 hour arrival window The client wanted to ensure that every passenger had the same level of exceptional service and that everyone arrived in San Diego within a few hours of each other in time for the event

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THE SOLUTION F ive wide body aircraft to reduce the number of All 1 600 passengers arrived in San Diego on time separate flights necessary and keep the cost per well fed rested and ready for the event This would passenger consistent not have been possible via traditional commercial PJS management of all logistical details providing the client with a single point of contact rather than several contacts at a number of different vendors transportation where the flights would have been split over dozens of aircraft with the passengers arriving over a significantly wider period rather than a few hours E ight PJS staff members in Boston and one staff member ahead to greet the passengers when they arrived in San Diego to assist with logistics ground transportation and to ensure that each flight proceeded without a delay A PJS Flight Concierge on each flight to ensure that each passenger received the same experience and level of customer service PJS provided direct service void of change fees cancellation fees baggage fees or transfer costs saving our client 57 per person when compared to flying commercial 15

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CASE STUDY 2 THE CHALLENGE THE SOLUTION Manage all logistics and transport of 58 passengers VIP configured 737 800 with 64 first class seats from Houston to the Four Seasons Nevis for a four day incentive trip The client wanted to avoid an overnight in Miami as well as losing almost a day and a half out of the office due to travel and 18 economy plus PJS provided the client with the ability to fly direct avoiding hotel fees and per diem expenses associated with a necessary overnight in Miami Client was able to avoid the high volume security lines and often delayed departures from Miami International PJS Management of all logistical details providing the client had a single point of contact rather than several contacts at a number of different vendors PJS Flight Concierge on each flight to ensure VIP experience After accounting for all cost associated with flying commercial routing such as the per diem expenses hotel overnight fees change fees baggage fees and transfer costs PJS provided a VIP experience at a 14 savings When compared solely to airfare costs the PJS solution presented a marginal 2 premium to commercial airline pricing 17

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CONTINGENCY PLANNING PJS Policy minimum of two contingency plans for each flight Monthly Weekly Daily Hourly reports to Client as required For meetings incentive travel the contingency plans include PJS continually tracking all aircraft involved in this program and all associated sister aircraft Beginning 30 days from the first departure PJS closely tracks and monitors every aircraft involved with a program 24 hours a day using a flight tracking system that identifies aircraft by their specific registration We are in constant contact with the aircraft s dispatch before and throughout the duration of the flight When an unforeseen interruption takes place the on site PJS Concierge works directly with the team to analyze all contingency options available Depending on the circumstances PJS coordinates PJS is in contact with all North American airlines with the team to determine the best course of who operate Airliners to determine suitable action whether it is remaining at the location replacement aircraft positioning contracting an alternative aircraft staying at the and availability hotel venue or booking commercial air If an Starting 7 days before the first departure PJS is in contact with all secondary aircraft operators aircraft substitution is necessary PJS will re position the closest suitable aircraft on a daily basis to track and identify the closest suitable replacement aircraft 19

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BECAUSE GETTING THERE SAFELY IS MOST IMPORTANT At PJS safety comes first Always It is the focus of our decision making at every level Led by our dedicated Director of Safety our team of industry veterans set PJS standards for due diligence with stringent safety mechanisms that require an absolute commitment to detail We know by proactively discerning the best available carriers and pilots that the results mean more consistent flight experiences for our clients and safer flights PJ S P L AC E S SAFET Y BEFORE W E P L AC E A N E M P H A S I S C O M M I T M E N T TO D E L I V E R ON P R O F I TA B I L I T Y HONORING OUR 23

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DEDICATED IN HOUSE SAFETY TEAM STRICT PILOT EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS PJS is the only private jet charter firm in North PJS considers pilot experience requirements to be America with its own in house safety team and one of the most valuable safety tools we employ Director of Safety Staffed with industry veterans Since NTSB research has shown that accident rates the team leads the charge to ensure that every decrease by nearly 50 once a pilot obtains 100 flight operates to the highest safety standards 24 7 hours and continues to decrease thereafter PJS will not engage pilots who do not meet our own strict ED FI T ICES RV SE TI PRIVA TE JE experience requirements CE R

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THOROUGH VENDOR VETTING THIRD PARTY CERTIFICATION Before ever setting foot on the aircraft our Along with our own internal intel PJS utilizes in house safety team examines the operator several public and private background data accident incident and enforcement history sources for assessing vendors including the FAA along with aircraft age history and liability DOT NTSB FlightSafety ICAO and EASA We insurance coverage also receive audit reports from Wyvern and ARG US including pilot background checks and pilot experience data 25

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DEDICATED FLIGHT MANAGEMENT TEAM From the moment you engage with us you are given a personal team available 24 hours a day to support every flight even stocking your preferred beverages and snacks Our dedicated flight team provides an unmatched attention to detail ensuring your flight is stress free and on time We estimate that 10 hours of planning go into every hour in the air Catering cargo safety vetting cabin crew service plan contingency planning we take care of all the little details handcrafting every ingredient for a successful flight 29

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FLIGHT OPERATIONS CENTER Private Jet Services Flight Operations Center FOC uses the most advanced tools to track and monitor all flights including up to the minute weather patterns and projections NOTAMS TFRs and airport congestion 24 hours a day PJS flies between 5 000 and 10 000 passengers every month year round Our range of expertise covers 4 passenger helicopter transfers light jets up through ultra long range executive jets on up to 400 passenger Boeing 747 wide body transcontinental missions in some cases with multiple 747s in use simultaneously Our FOC Team is always looking ahead remaining in constant communication with downline facilities and services to ensure seamless coordination of all details big and small Our expertise and diligence ensure problems are identified and solved before they can impact our flights and passengers Our proactive approach to service and flight management makes all the difference in reducing the stress of travel which in turn increases our clients capacity for success upon arrival AVMOSYS is a 21st century SaaS designed and built to manage our entire flight operation AVMOSYS is highly integrated with our other key software providers including ATC for Slot Controls TSA for No Fly List Clearance E APIS for Customs Immigration Filing and CAMP for Maintenance Tracking making AVMOSYS more than just a flight scheduling tool PJS leverages AVMOSYS to simultaneously manage our FOC work flow including employees individual needs and responsibilities integrating expense management quick and accurate invoicing and powerful reporting In 2019 PJS will integrate its acclaimed Client Portal with AVMOSYS allowing Team Travel Managers real time access to a wealth of information PJS utilizes Honeywell s Flight Sentinel product protecting our customers against the weather flowcontrol and flight planning delays that commonly impact other airlines Using route management techniques pioneered by Honeywell flight control specialists proactively help reduce delays by filing for us on routes currently being used by ATC to avoid traffic congestion and weather conditions 31

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CAPABILITIES Customized solutions for every event Avoid public terminals complex check ins and baggage fees Ability to select various categories of aircraft for any sized group 30 50 seat regional jets Reduce the stress of travel 68 seat VIP Boeing 737 and 757 airliners Less time traveling more time on property 150 400 seat high density airliners Leisure experience begins the moment the client steps aboard the aircraft Contingency planning to ensure the group stays on schedule with at least two back up plans Rate cards available to each destination from gateway airports 35

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PRIVACY PJS is accustomed to servicing some of the most prominent political sports and entertainment figures in the world Every PJS employee is bound by a confidentiality agreement which extends to every client interaction PJS and all of its employees have an affirmative obligation by contract to protect all information regarding our clients and their guests

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EMERGENCY RESPONSE INSURANCE RISK MANAGEMENT Should the need arise to quickly transport any or all All aircraft carry insurance above the industry guests due to a crisis at home or on location PJS is standard for their class PJS ensures that coverage able to provide transportation within a few hours is in place at all times and the client is named as an additional insured on the aircraft s policy 39

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GULFSTREAM 550 CABIN DIMENSIONS NBAA RANGE SAFETY Going far beyond luxurious appearances the Gulfstream 550 was designed with productivity and comfort in mind Guests can make the most of the time in transit and arrive refreshed with remarkable speed Gulfstream s giant signature passenger windows provide stunning views while state ofthe art fresh air systems provide the cleanest healthiest air quality of any aircraft in the world Height 6 2 Width 7 4 Length 50 Max Distance 6 250 nm This plane is PJS Safety Certified inquire regarding further safety certificates Powerful efficient engines innovative technology in cabin comforts as well as cockpit enhancements increase safety and reliability while reducing the physical stresses of flying on journeys of any length 560 mph 89 Mach ICES RV SE RO VE D 10 16 T LUGGAGE CAPACITY PP SEATING CRUISING SPEED PRIVA TE JE CABIN DESCRIPTION SA F E 198 cubic feet TY A WIFI Available on select tail numbers 43

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GLOBAL 6000 CABIN DIMENSIONS NBAA RANGE SAFETY Bombardier says the inspiration for its Global family of aircraft is world leaders and high flyers those who make achievement their life s work Height 6 2 Width 7 11 Length 43 3 Max Distance 6 904 nm This plane is PJS Safety Certified inquire regarding further safety certificates T ICES RV SE VE D SEATING 650 mph 85 Mach Sleeps 4 to 8 passengers RO 9 14 PP Not only a stunningly beautiful aircraft Global s ultra long range means it can fly from New York to Tokyo non stop or literally anywhere in the world and only have to stop once for fuel Global s safety innovations mean enhanced pilot vision awareness and automation for an impeccably smooth ride regardless of conditions CRUISING SPEED PRIVA TE JE CABIN DESCRIPTION LUGGAGE CAPACITY SA F E TY A 195 cubic feet WIFI Available on select tail numbers 45

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EMBRAER 145 CABIN DESCRIPTION CABIN DIMENSIONS NBAA RANGE SAFETY More than just a value minded people mover the EMB145 cabin comforts include wide deeply reclining seats overhead storage bins generous baggage capacity and extra large windows for enjoying the view The EMB145 is equipped with galley facilities which opens up an endless range of catering possibilities as extravagant or as simple as needed H eight 6 Width 6 11 Length 5 4 Max Distance 3 350 nm This plane is PJS Safety Certified inquire regarding further safety certificates ICES RV SE RO VE D T LUGGAGE CAPACITY PP Economy 50 515 mph 78 Mach PRIVA TE JE SEATING CRUISING SPEED SA F E 5 17 cubic feet TY A WIFI Available on select tail numbers 47

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B737 800 CABIN DESCRIPTION CABIN DIMENSIONS NBAA RANGE SAFETY The Boeing 737 800 offers 16 firstclass seats and 129 coach seats This modern and fuel efficient airliner offers a 6 hour range ample storage and full galleys for an array of menu options Height 7 3 Width 11 7 Length 98 4 Max Distance 3 350 nm This plane is PJS Safety Certified inquire regarding further safety certificates T ICES RV SE VE D SEATING 588 mph 0 78 Mach PRIVA TE JE CRUISING SPEED PP RO Total Belted Seats 145 First Class Seating 16 Economy 129 LUGGAGE CAPACITY SA F E TY A 1 592 cubic feet WIFI Available on select tail numbers 49

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B737 800 VIP CABIN DIMENSIONS NBAA RANGE SAFETY Between the LED mood lighting hand stitched diamond quilted hides deluxe wool carpets and the absolute latest generation In Flight WiFi system Gogo ATG 8000 this VIP B737 800 is brand new to the market and offers 66 first class and 10 coach class seat configuration This is the only aircraft flying in the US with carbon fiber accents tray tables and club tables a small detail that makes a huge impression on guests and clients alike Height 7 4 Width 11 7 Length 98 4 Max Distance 3 350 nm This plane is PJS Safety Certified inquire regarding further safety certificates 588 mph 78 Mach T ICES RV SE VE D SEATING CRUISING SPEED PRIVA TE JE CABIN AMENITIES PP RO Total Belted Seats 82 LUGGAGE CAPACITY Business 64 Economy Plus 18 SA F E TY A 1 592 cubic feet WIFI Gogo ATG 8000 51

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B767 200ER CABIN DESCRIPTION CABIN DIMENSIONS NBAA RANGE SAFETY The expansive Boeing 767 200 is the perfect choice for groups of up to 220 passengers whether crossing the globe or just crossing the country The generous legroom and spacious dual aisle cabin configuration means travelers that prefer the aisle will be very happy With more than 10 hours of range in flight entertainment systems and VIP catering customized to match and enhance the ambiance of any event travel the B767 brings the pleasure back to flying H eight 9 5 Width 1 9 2 Length 1 5 8 8 Max Distance 6 385 nm This plane is PJS Safety Certified inquire regarding further safety certificates ICES RV SE VE D 528 mph 68 Mach T PP RO Total Belted Seats 218 PRIVA TE JE SEATING CRUISING SPEED Business 20 Coach 198 SA F E LUGGAGE CAPACITY TY A 2 875 cubic feet WIFI Available on select tail numbers 53

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B757 200 CABIN DIMENSIONS NBAA RANGE SAFETY The unique combination of features onboard the spacious B757 200 offer maximum comfort convenience and safety Boeing reliability speed and generous baggage make this the perfect choice for team travel Height 7 3 Width 11 7 Length 118 8 Max Distance 3 9 0 0 nm This plane is PJS Safety Certified inquire regarding further safety certificates 527 mph 68 Mach ICES RV SE RO VE D Coach Seats 213 T LUGGAGE CAPACITY PP SEATING CRUISING SPEED PRIVA TE JE CABIN DESCRIPTION SA F E TY A 1 670 cubic feet 55

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B777 300 NBAA RANGE H eight 9 5 Width 1 5 5 Length 111 Max Distance 7 830 nm 567 mph 74 Mach This plane is PJS Safety Certified inquire regarding further safety certificates T ICES RV SE RO SEATING CRUISING SPEED SAFETY VE D CABIN DIMENSIONS Total Belted Seats 218 Business 20 Coach 198 PP Boeing engineers sought to create a technological marvel of efficiency with the 777 using advanced materials to reduce weight and noise while improving aerodynamics fuel economy and passenger connectivity Twinaisle cabin configuration means more privacy and space for passengers as well as higher service levels with VIP flight attendants having fewer guests to serve The 777 truly is the quietest most comfortable and modern airliner flying today PRIVA TE JE CABIN DESCRIPTION SA F E LUGGAGE CAPACITY TY A 7 76 4 cubic feet WIFI Available on select tail numbers 57

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