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PJS Case Study - Entertainment

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PJS WORKS CLOSELY WITH SOME OF THE BIGGEST NAMES AND OPERATIONS IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRYIn the Entertainment industry, there are few second chances. When the success of your project demands that your crew and equipment arrive safely on site and on time, let us develop a comprehensive program that meets your specific needs.To ensure that each trip we plan is a success, we provide a dedicated inflight concierge to work directly with your travel department regarding reservations, manifest coordination, customized catering, corporate client branding, on-boarding entertainment, customs, immigration, and ground transfers, as well as vehicle ramp access for door-to-door service simplifying the transition from venue to aircraft.It is our policy to always have a minimum of two contingency plans in place. We continually track all aircraft and all associated sister aircraft involved in each trip. Seven days prior to the first departure, we contact all secondary aircraft operators on a daily basis to track and identify the closest suitable replacement aircraft.If an unforeseen interruption were to take place, the on-site PJS Flight Concierge will work directly with you and that operator to analyze all contingency options available including aircraft substitution, in necessary. We deliver a compelling value that you can rely on. Discover the reason that we maintain a repeat-client rate in excess of 93%.3

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THE CHALLENGE:A major-label talent was asked to be part of a late night show to promote her upcoming album release. While the opportunity was one she did not want to pass up, she had a music video shoot the next day in a remote Mexican location and a deadline that could not be stretched due to special permissions she had received from the cultural site of her shoot. Even if the town would reissue the variance for the shoot, the cost to reschedule and reship staging and equipment would well surpass the shoot’s budget.The closest commercial airport was a five hour drive from the shoot location, and the limited commercial flights would not get her to her destination until well past the deadline.FROM MOVING LIVE ENTERTAINMENT TOURS THROUGH A 180 DAY SCHEDULE, TO TRANSPORTING CREW AND EQUIPMENT ON-SITE FOR A ONE-TIME EVENT, WE HAVE THE EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE TO ENSURE THAT YOUR PRODUCTIONS ARE A SUCCESS5

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The talent’s management team contacted PJS looking for a seemingly impossible solution.PJS worked with Mexican Customs and airport authorities to extend the local airport’s curfew for the talent’s arrival at 3 AM local time. With just two hours’ notice, PJS was able to locate an aircraft with minimal positioning required and a crew standing by. A police escort was arranged by PJS to bring the talent from her late night appearance to the private FBO, where she boarded her aircraft and was en route to her destination within one hour of the show’s completion.Touching down at the small private airport just one hour from the shoot, PJS had a local twin engine helicopter standing by to bring the talent directly to the site. She arrived by 8 AM and was able to complete her music video and meet the deadline.THE SOLUTION:7

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Private Jet Services Group (PJS) is North America’s leading aviation consultancy and air services provider. Since 2003, PJS has provided strategic aircraft advisory and sourcing solutions, delivering mission-critical air transportation services to an extensive range of industries. Global clientele includes government agencies, presidential candidates, professional and collegiate sports teams, multinational corporations, and some of the world’s most recognizable entrepreneurs, entertainers, and high net worth individuals. Leveraging a combined 300+ years of aviation expertise, a deep passion for aviation and an obsessive attention to detail, the PJS team delivers a level of expertise and safety unmatched in the industry. PJS is America’s first 100% carbon neutral private aviation company. To learn more, visit PRIVATE JET SERVICES

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PJS0720Private Jet Services (PJS) acts as an agent for its clients in negotiating and facilitating transportation with duly licensed Direct Air Carriers. PJS is an agent for Elevate Jet, LLC (FAA# 3LJA9830), Air Chathams Limited (CAA# AOC26883) and SWIFT AIR LLC d/b/a iAero (FAA# I5EA212N). PJS is not a Direct Air Carrier and does not operate aircraft.+1 (603) 760 •