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CONTENTS Letter From the CEO 5 About Private Jet Services 7 Who Flies PJS 9 Benefits 11 Safety 17 Exceptional Service 23 Exclusive Lead1 Team Travel Program 29 Online Portal 37 Aircraft Options 43 Case Study 59

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Since 2003 Private Jet Services PJS has delivered air transportation services to professional and collegiate sports teams and their athletes multinational corporations presidential candidates government agencies and many of the world s largest musical acts With over three centuries of aggregated experience directly in support of the world s most storied franchises PJS has provided aviation solutions for more sports leagues than any company on earth PJS customers include teams in FIFA MLB MLS NFL and the NHL We have provided collegiate team air travel serving dozens of universities in every time zone PJS clients share a common need for mission critical flying and rely on PJS to solve these complex air travel logistics PJS has built its reputation as the market leader by consistently delivering safety service excellence and price efficiency in the team air transportation industry I invite you to review this proposal and learn why PJS is uniquely suited to support your school s air travel logistics Greg Raiff Chief Executive Officer 5

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PJS EXISTS TO SOLVE AIR TRAVEL LOGISTICS WITH DEDICATION PASSION The global aviation marketplace is filled with various options and solutions Private Jet Services PJS offers a unique consultancy approach using over fifteen years of experience Largest Corporate Aviation Consultancy in North America to chart individualized solutions for each client Privately held debt free company to each organization for ensuring quality fufillment Consistent ownership management since 2003 while identifying opportunities in the market Core Markets Professional Sports Collegiate Sports Live Entertainment Touring Corporate Travel Manufacturing Government Energy Pharmaceuticals Determining the metrics that are most meaningful to challenge suppliers and aggregate purchasing power helps maximize the full value of proper travel planning The PJS method consistently delivers choice Profitable operations since 2003 value and peace of mind for a wide range of Fiscally responsible stable business history as confirmed by 10 years of audited financial statements scenarios 7

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WHO FLIES PJS Private Jet Services has a vast client base that stretches throughout the sports entertainment corporate and government industries Since its founding in 2003 PJS has supported recording artists such as U2 Lady Gaga The Rolling Stones Maroon 5 Beyonc Guns N Roses and Fleetwood Mac along with multiple professional and NCAA athletic teams Together our clients have won an impressive number of awards and trophies demonstrating that only the best fly with PJS Our clients in the music entertainment industry have won Our sports team clients are champions in their respective disciplines These teams have won 94 142 187 9 5 6 110 American Music Awards Billboard Music Awards Grammy Awards Country Music Awards Golden Globes Awards Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees MTV VMAs 52 28 20 21 25 24 21 Stanley Cup Championships World Series Championships NCAA Baseball Championships NCAA Basketball Championships NCAA Hockey Championships NCAA Football Championships MLS Cup Championships 9

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PRIVACY SINGLE POINT MESSAGING EMERGENCY RESPONSE PJS is accustomed to servicing some of the most The PJS single point communication process provides Should the need arise to quickly transport a prominent political sports and entertainment figures each client s Team Operations Manager with a passenger group due to a crisis either home or away in the world Every PJS employee is bound by a dedicated account manager for each team travel PJS is well equipped to provide transportation within confidentiality agreement which extends to every program a few hours SINGLE POINT CONTRACTING CENTRALIZED CLIENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS INSURANCE RISK MANAGEMENT PJS has established a single point contracting process With a robust centralized software solution that allows PJS Safety Management requires that approved aircraft in which our clients sign a single contract for Team for anywhere anytime client data access clients are carry insurance above the industry standard for their transportation PJS takes responsibility for all vendor never solely dependent on a singular PJS employee class PJS ensures that coverage is in place at all times contracts providing greater cost efficiency and Contingencies are in place to ensure continuous and and that each client is named as additionally insured on favorable terms negotiation consistent client program management and support each aircraft s policy client interaction PJS and all of its employees have an affirmative obligation by contract to protect all information regarding our clients and their guests accessible from any internet connection 13

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CONTINGENCY PLANNING We understand that time is valuable and that surprise and change are never good things when it comes to mission critical travel For these reasons PJS delivers multiple contingency plans for each flight leg and advanced notice of factors that might impact travel Well in advance of the flight our team identifies suitable backup equipment proximate to each PJS Policy minimum of two contingency plans for each flight Monthly Weekly Daily Hourly reports as required Continual tracking of all aircraft involved in a program and all associated sister aircraft PJS FOC and on site Concierge staff are in constant departure Each standby option is kept refreshed contact with airline staff before and throughout the to ensure unforeseen interruptions do not duration of flights impact passengers When an unforeseen interruption takes place on site By tracking weather patterns days in advance of PJS Concierge work directly with the team to analyze scheduled flights PJS helps clients plan and all contingency options and determine the best adjust as needed to minimize impacts and last course of action minute changes PJS demonstrates its value to our clients exactly when problems arise it is a key component in our value proposition to deliver Plan B Plan C and even Plan D on demand 15

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A PROACTIVE PREDICTIVE APPROACH At PJS safety comes first Always It is the focus of our decision making at every level Led by our dedicated Director of Safety our team of industry veterans set PJS standards for due diligence with stringent safety mechanisms that require an absolute commitment to detail We know by proactively discerning the best available carriers and pilots that the results mean more consistent flight experiences for our clients and safer flights PJ S P L AC E S S A F E T Y B E F O R E P R O F I TA B I L I T Y W E P L AC E A N E M P H A S I S O N H O N O R I N G O U R C O M M I T M E N T TO D E L I V E R 19

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PROFESSIONALISM INDEPENDENT SAFETY EXPERTISE DEDICATED DIRECTOR OF SAFETY Only a select group of airlines meet PJS strict Thorough proactive research and performance PJS maintains the advantage of acting independently The PJS Safety Department is led by our Director standards that include data driven non negotiable tracking help PJS anticipate potential risks Instead of being beholden to a closed fleet of aircraft of Safety who spearheads our proactive approach we can select only the airlines aircraft and pilots that They are responsible for furthering PJS s position meet our stringent qualification and retention criteria as a leader in aviation safety Through research and for safety and service Our fleet network design allows efforts they continually develop the proprietary PJS us to mandate far higher quality standards for crew safety standard PJS clients are assured independent experience aircraft age and operator performance as technical excellence and strong safety culture from all well as leveraging bulk purchasing advantages across a vendors markers for clean operating history aircraft age liability insurance levels and reliability Additional PJS professionalism requirements include that approved vendors and their senior members Supplier eligibility to fly for PJS is determined by of management maintain positive compliance and our dedicated safety team through a comprehensive business positions free from criminal or civil legal step by step qualification process as well as field actions and IRS violations inspections interviews references and FOIA background checks that include both operating and wide inventory of aircraft maintenance records All aircraft and pilots are pre vetted using PJS stringent requirements with real time data backed by third party reporting With the help of the PJS proprietary vendor management software eligibility is then independently re confirmed prior to every flight performance levels ED approved vendors maintain exceptional service ICES RV SE FI a clean operating history As well PJS tracks that T TI meet all PJS eligibility requirements for maintaining PRIVA TE JE to ensure previously approved vendors and crew still CE R 21

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DEDICATED FLIGHT MANAGEMENT TEAM From the start of each engagement PJS assigns a team Our service is not restricted to what happens in the air available 24 hours a day dedicated to supporting every Enjoy efficient ground handling of all baggage Routing flight From stocking preferred beverages and snacks is designed to remove layovers private air terminals to ensuring client equipment is handled correctly our reduce waiting time and access to remote airports dedicated flight team provides an unmatched attention removes lengthy and costly ground transportation to detail to ensure each flight is stress free and ontime We estimate that 10 hours of planning go into every hour in the air Catering cargo safety vetting cabin crew contingency planning we take care of all the little details hand crafting every ingredient to a successful flight 25

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FLIGHT OPERATIONS CENTER SECURITY SCREENING Private Jet Services Flight Operations Center FOC 10 screening program in place uses the most advanced tools to track and monitor all flights including up to the minute weather patterns and projections NOTAMS TFRs and airport congestion 24 hours a day PJS flies between 5 000 and 10 000 passengers every month year round Our range of expertise covers 4 passenger helicopter transfers light jets up through ultra long range executive jets to 400 passenger Boeing 747 wide body transcontinental missions in some cases with multiple 747s in use simultaneously Our FOC Team is always looking ahead remaining in constant communication with downline facilities and services to ensure seamless coordination of all details big and small Our expertise and diligence ensures problems are identified and solved before they can impact our flights and passengers PJS had been able to provide private aviation services that run smoothly since 2003 and understand that it is a necessity All PJS Concierge are fully trained TSA Screeners and able to perform hand wanding and baggage screening Screening may be performed at various locations Flight Attendants trained to provide TSA security screening Regularly partner with Client Security 3rd Party Contractors Every employee not just flight crew completes 10 year background check Every employee and FA completes NDA Confidentiality Agreement Physical Aircraft Security Tasking For aircraft with 50 seats or less ID check will be performed plane side by flight crew in lieu of full screening Our proactive approach to service and flight management makes all the difference in reducing the stress of travel which in turn increases our clients capacity for success upon arrival 26 27

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ABOUT THE PROGRAM PJS and The LEAD1 Association have teamed up to tackle the rising cost of collegiate team travel and limited aircraft while maximizing student safety This five year agreement offers participating schools a streamlined and cost effective way to transport teams ensuring players and coaches arrive on time every time safely PJS knows it is not just about arriving on time it is about maximizing the team s competitive advantage Every aspect of the team s off the field preparation influences what happens on the field With fixed hourly rates and potential rebates the PJS and LEAD1 team travel program is the smarter more efficient way to transport your team 31

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STRATEGIC SOURCING PROGRAM EXCLUSIVE TO LEAD1 Program operated by pre approved part 135 and 121 air carriers 500mm of insurance minimum on every flight Each team has its own PJS Concierge trained and certified as cabin crew Program aircraft exclusively available to PJS are included in the primary fleet Multiple backup operators are identified ranging from regional jets to narrow body airliners Safety audits performed by PJS Director of Safety as well as third party vendors ARG US WYVERN 33

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MAXIMIZE THE OPPORTUNITY Only fully participating schools are eligible for the rebate Sign the 3 year Agency Agreement to be a Fully Schools have the option of being a partially participating Participating School school to get the set block hour rate without commiting to the 3 year agreement but will not be eligible for the rebate Be eligible for the full rebate amount by signing up 2 of Commit at least 2 Qualified Teams the three high volume sports Men s basketball Women s basketball and football One Qualified Team earns a school 50 of the earned rebate amount Schools that sign in 2019 will qualify for the full 20 rebate Sign up early The rebate amount drops to 17 for schools that sign in 2020 15 for 2021 signees and 10 for 2022 and 2023 DID YOU KNOW Collaboration between partner schools will help continue to drive costs down due to reductions in ferry time 3355

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Private Jet Service s proprietary online portal be shared by users identified by the travel manager The PJS online portal allows travel managers to enables precise tracking of all travel door to door from any device Inspect and amend custom trip easily book passengers onto the manifest with one in a single secure place From an overview of all information update manifest information check click and see a full list of all upcoming flights the days flights to customized trip details the PJS flight status while keeping all of the details private online portal allows real time flight information to and confidential 39

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Easily edit the passenger PAX list for each flight Easily book passengers onto the manifest with one click See a full list of all upcoming future flights Within the leg details pop up the user can access manifest details make changes and view catering menus Most pages within the Portal include PRINT and EMAIL capabilities making the distribution of details to team members and guests quick and easy 41

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LEAD1 TEAM TRAVEL AIRCRAFT OPTIONS Regional jets with 30 or 50 seat configurations Airbus 320 A320 with 68 or 180 seat configurations 737 800s with minimum 12 business class and 138 coach seats VIP aircraft with team approval Executive jets for recruiting Additional aircraft are available for post season travel and supplemental aviation needs including recruiting flights band travel and or VIP aircraft for donor flights 45

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EMBRAER 135 CABIN DESCRIPTION CABIN DIMENSIONS NBAA RANGE SAFETY Offering executive increased legroom seating for up to 30 passengers this EMB 135 is ideal for domestic touring team travel or even your next family reunion H eight 6 Width 6 9 Length 42 6 Max Distance 1 200 nm This plane is PJS Safety Certified inquire regarding further safety certificates ICES RV SE VE D T RO LUGGAGE CAPACITY 367 cubic feet PP Economy 30 36 pitch 517 mph PRIVA TE JE SEATING CRUISING SPEED SA F E TY A WIFI Available on select tail numbers 47

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EMBRAER 145 CABIN DESCRIPTION CABIN DIMENSIONS NBAA RANGE SAFETY More than just a value minded people mover the EMB145 cabin comforts include wide deeply reclining seats overhead storage bins generous baggage capacity and extra large windows for enjoying the view The EMB145 is equipped with galley facilities which opens up an endless range of catering possibilities as extravagant or as simple as needed H eight 6 Width 6 11 Length 5 4 Max Distance 3 350 nm This plane is PJS Safety Certified inquire regarding further safety certificates ICES RV SE RO VE D T LUGGAGE CAPACITY PP Economy 50 515 mph 78 Mach PRIVA TE JE SEATING CRUISING SPEED SA F E 5 17 cubic feet TY A WIFI Available on select tail numbers 49

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SAAB 2000 CABIN AMENITIES NBAA RANGE The Saab 2000 s dependable design is perfect for any regional flight with range of up to 1 000 miles non stop Spacious cabin with deeply reclining premium leather seats with superior legroom SEATING Economy Plus 30 baggage and equipment SAFETY T ICES RV SE VE D 360 cubic feet Up to 7 000 lbs of bulk loaded RO LUGGAGE CAPACITY Length 55 Height 7 Width 6 11 PP CABIN DIMENSIONS Saab builds beautiful aircraft engineered for reliability speed and a comfortable ride Designed to hold as many as 50 passengers PJS prefers the Saab 2000 in the spacious all business class 30 seat cabin configuration with deeply reclining leather seats and maximum legroom PRIVA TE JE CABIN DESCRIPTION SA F E Max Hours 4 TY A Max Distance 1 300 nm CRUISING SPEED 425 MPH WIFI Gogo ATG 8000 Wifi 51

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AIRBUS A320 VIP CABIN DESCRIPTION CABIN DIMENSIONS NBAA RANGE SAFETY Having 2 hot galleys on board ensure that a large group will remain comfortable and well fed on your trip H eight 7 4 Width 12 1 Length 9 0 3 Max Distance 3 050 nm This plane is PJS Safety Certified inquire regarding further safety certificates VE D Economy 68 ICES RV SE LUGGAGE CAPACITY RO SEATING T 9 8 4 cubic feet PP 2 Hot Galleys 3 Lavatories Stage 3 Noise Compliant Superior legroom Easily accessible electric outlets Spacious cabin 520 mph PRIVA TE JE CABIN AMENITIES CRUISING SPEED SA F E TY A WIFI Available on select tail numbers 53

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AIRBUS A320 CABIN DESCRIPTION CABIN DIMENSIONS NBAA RANGE SAFETY Having 2 hot galleys on board ensure that a large group will remain comfortable and well fed on your trip H eight 7 4 Width 12 1 Length 9 0 3 Max Distance 3 050 nm This plane is PJS Safety Certified inquire regarding further safety certificates VE D Economy 180 ICES RV SE LUGGAGE CAPACITY RO SEATING T 9 8 4 cubic feet PP 2 Hot Galleys 3 Lavatories Stage 3 Noise Compliant Superior legroom Easily accessible electric outlets Spacious cabin 520 mph PRIVA TE JE CABIN AMENITIES CRUISING SPEED SA F E TY A WIFI Available on select tail numbers 55

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B737 800 CABIN DESCRIPTION CABIN DIMENSIONS NBAA RANGE SAFETY The Boeing 737 800 offers 16 firstclass seats and 129 coach seats This modern and fuel efficient airliner offers a 6 hour range ample storage and full galleys for an array of menu options Height 7 3 Width 11 7 Length 98 4 Max Distance 3 350 nm This plane is PJS Safety Certified inquire regarding further safety certificates T ICES RV SE VE D SEATING 588 mph 0 78 Mach PRIVA TE JE CRUISING SPEED PP RO Total Belted Seats 138 First Class Seating 12 Economy 126 LUGGAGE CAPACITY SA F E TY A 1 592 cubic feet WIFI Available on select tail numbers 57

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CASE STUDY THE CHALLENGE THE SOLUTION A midwest based University made an exciting deal PJS consulted with the University and provided four The University chose option four because it offered to move into a larger athletic conference resulting viable options for each sport s specific needs all teams the ability to adjust based on each specific in their team traveling greater distances to cities and airports with which they were unfamiliar The athletic department had limited time to analyze the viable alternatives and identify options that offered the most reliable yet cost effective solution to set up a comprehensive travel schedule Using a 30 seat regional aircraft for all flights Using a 50 seat regional aircraft for all flights Using a 65 seat business class configured aircraft for all flights Using a blend of 30 seat 50 seat and 65 seat aircraft on a per trip and per team basis travel event By having a variety of aircraft at their disposal the University was able to utilize the 30seat aircraft where it made sense such as for shorter distances or for smaller teams like volleyball or travel using shorter runways The 50 seat aircraft made sense for a majority of basketball travel and the 65 seat aircraft for when donors and boosters travel with the team IN ADDITION TO THE COST SAVINGS INCREASED TIME EFFICIENCIES RESULTED FROM DECREASED GROUND TRAVEL TIME FEWER OVERNIGHTS IN HOTELS AND LESS FLIGHT TIME BY FLYING DIRECT ALSO THE UNIVERSITY GAINED AN INCREASE IN ACADEMIC PERFECTION WITH TIME ON THE CHARTER FLIGHTS USED AS STUDY HALL AND LESS TIME TRAVELING MEANT FEWER MISSED CLASSES 61

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1 6 03 3 3 3 8 1 0 0 ath l eti c s p jsg ro u p co m w w w p jsg ro u p co m P r i v a te J e t S e r v i c e s PJ S a c t s a s a n a g e n t f o r i t s c l i e n t s i n n e g o t i a t i n g a n d f a c i l i t a t i n g t r a n s p o r t a t i o n w i t h d u l y l i c e n s e d D i re c t A i r C a r r i e r s PJ S i s a n a g e n t f o r E l ev a te J e t L LC FA A 3 L JA 9 8 3 0 a n d A i r C h a t h a m s L i m i te d C A A AO C 2 6 8 8 3 PJ S i s n o t a D i re c t A i r C a r r i e r a n d d o e s n o t o p e r a te a i rc r a f t PJ S 0 5 1 9

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